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Vertigo Bikes was born from Tim Ceci’s love of mountain biking.  Guiding MTB trips is the only professional job he’s ever had!   Joined a few years later by Paul ‘Pang’ Pangus, Vertigo has become THE Bike Shop in Queenstown.

Still rider owned and operated, we are a one-stop shop for all your biking needs; be it guiding, coaching, bike sales, workshop or transport, we’ve got it all covered.  

We pride ourselves on being a small, yet perfectly formed company, which has an unparalleled enthusiasm for all things biking in Queenstown.  We have an amazing group of individuals working for us who offer really great service and an unbeatable product.  

When you ride with our crew you’ll learn new skills & experience the thrills of Queenstown’s incredible terrain.  Meet our crew below, then join us for a ride & make the most of it!

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Nickname: Bon Cheval (Good Horse)

Claim to Fame:  Multiple BMX racing national championships

Why I love QT: Awesome trails, beautiful scenery. 

Favourite Trail: Huck Yeah!!!

Cunning Tip: Go big or go home

Advice for QT Riding: Switch off your brain.

Bike of Choice:  Giant Reign 1 (of course)

Tom Skillicorn



Nickname: Skilly

Why I love QT:  The scenery and people are breathtaking
Favorite Trail: Jedi

Cunning Tip: Weight is traction!!

Advice for QT Riding: Don’t get caught up in the Bike Park, go and explore!

Claim to fame: I’m not famous

Bike of Choice: GIANT TRANCE SX

Jon Stout



Nickname: Stout

Why I love QT: so much riding on your doorstep, gondola in town, awesome views!

Favourite Trail: Armageddon / Corrowtown

Cunning Tip: Huck to flat at least once a week.

Advice for QT Riding: Bring a trail bike! and a DH bike if you can, ask a bike shop for advice on where to ride and if you get the chance….. ride when its wet!

Claim to Fame: Mick Hannah’s mechanic during 2014 world cup season.

Bike of Choice:  Giant Glory / Giant Trance SX

Henry Quinney


“Mr Million”

If you can forgive the occasional budgy smuggling, he’s not so bad. He Has been known to be partial to some pedaling… not that he would ever mention it. Big days on big bikes is something of a motto he lives by. If he’s not prancing around in lycra that clearly doesn’t fit, he’ll be taping things onto his bike or buying over priced socks.


Paul Angus



Nickname: Pang
Age: 34
Why I love Queenstown: The mountains!
Favorite Trail: Jedi (its a secret)
Cunning Tip: Smooth is fast
Advice for QT Riding: Bring a good 5-6″ trail bike, will open up much more of the riding in the area
Claim to fame: Scottish DH champ and Ex-World Cup pro rider

Pang’s Bikes of choice for 2015 – GIANT REIGN 27.5/ GIANT GLORY 0 27.5

Tim Ceci



Nick name: Chech

Why I love Queenstown: It’s a great place to have many outdoor interests, change your toys with the seasons Smile

Favorite Trail:  Anything megga technical

Cunning Tip: Let your riding do the talking pls!! There are so many world champions around nowadays.

Advice for QT Riding:  A do everything bike is perfect for our trails here, bringing a DH bike will limit your trail choice.

Claim to fame: Gee Atherton said, “he’s way faster than he looks!”  ha ha!

Bike of Choice – GIANT REIGN 27.5 (the bright orange one of course)

Jonathon Congreve



Nic-name:  JonCon

Claim to fame:  Independently organised and rode from the East Coast of England to the West Coast of Wales over 5 days for charity.

Why I love Queenstown:  The mountains and trails, riding scene and good vibe!

Fav Trail:  Fernhill Loop

Cunning Tip:  Look where you’re going.

Advice for riding in Queenstown:  Be prepared to climb and get out of the Bike Park to explore the awesome trails in the area and make the most of them!

Bike of choice: GIANT REIGN 27.5


We love to Huck it!

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