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Vertigo Bikes was born in 1999 from Tim Ceci’s love of mountain biking.  Guiding MTB trips is the only professional job he’s ever had!   Joined a few years later by Paul Angus aka Pang aka Goose, Vertigo has become THE Bike Shop in Queenstown.

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Still rider owned and operated, we are a one-stop shop for all your biking needs; be it workshop, sales, bike rental, shuttles or transport we’ve got it all covered.

We pride ourselves on being a small, yet perfectly formed company, which has an unparalleled enthusiasm for all things biking in Queenstown.  We have an amazing group of individuals working for us who offer really great service and an unbeatable product.

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Meet the summer 2017/2018 crew-


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Tim Ceci

THE BOSS! Smart lines, impeccable technique and endo turns for days. It’s crying shame his undeniable class on the bike doesn’t translate to style off of it… Guiding and instructing all over the world since before it was cool, Tim started Vertigo Bikes many moons ago and has since settled in Queenstown full time. If he’s not spending all his hard earned cash on artisanal smoothies, he’ll be riding ridiculous tech trails or teaching his son “Ted the Shred” how things are done in the Ceci household.



THE OTHER BOSS! Some say he’s more machine than man, others say he that was sent back in time to destroy the Huck Wizard, some say he was then sent back in time again and in fact IS the Huck Wizard… There’s even a rumour that he just really likes Arnie. Finding out where the legend ends and the truth starts is impossible. Now get to the chopper! However, if you’re lucky, you can meet the man himself and pick his brains on how to huck or maybe just where to get a good yoga lesson. Check out Pang riding his favorite Bike Park trails HERE


Mike Thompson

The Shop Chef and Manual King! Hailing from the Black Isle in Scotland. Manual Mike has been chasing winters but has decided that he wants to get some colour back in his cheeks.  A passionate mountain biker looking to improve his current manual record of 10km during his summer in Queenstown. Dont be fooled by his towering stature, Mike is a gentle giant and when he isnt tending to his pot plants and making the rest of the staff a batch of his delicious flap jack, he is on hand in the shop to give you some great friendly advice on riding in the area or to hep fix any mechanical issues you may have.  


Mateo Verdier

Steeze Master! Mateo joins us for his first summer at Vertigo, but has spent three summers riding and living in Queenstown.  Mateo is used to working in Chatel in the French Alps where he doesnt get a day off work for two months!  Luckily for him our culture at Vertigo is more riding less work! So he has heaps more time to set the local trails alight with his flamboyant french speed and style! Also an awesome mechanic, he loves solving problems to help keep you riding!


Loic Ferry

Fun Loving Ozzy! Hailing from the dust planet Tatooin, which sits on the outer rim, Loic started podracing in his own handbuilt craft to stop his mother being sold into slavery, or something like that. It’s a long story that seems like a massive unnecessary tangent and really doesn’t aid character or plot development.. Anyway, apparently he lost his race machine in a botched bet when he turned out to be Liam Neeson’s backup choice. At that point he took up mountain biking and moved to Brizzy. There his skill of riding dust bowls and avoiding Tusken raiders came in handy and he flourished. After literally putting his neck on the line a year ago in his first season in Queenstown, he’s back for a taste of the action.


Ben Hildred

All round good bloke and local hardman, Ben Hildred is another new staff member this season. He comes with glowing recommendations from those in the know, not least our very own Andy. The softly-spoken gentle giant comes to New Zealand off the back of a few years coaching in Canada, not unlike a previous employee of ours, James… He was also from the north, also likes his bikes so long they have to have bends in the top tube to adapt to the curvature of the earth, who also hated southerly winds and didn't eat meat because Leonardo DiCaprio told him not to… wait a minute, James? Did you just shave and come back for another season in paradise? Either way, we know a good egg when we see one. Check out Ben having fun in some early season snow on the Missing Link Trail HERE


Andy Donnachie

Vertigo’s Highland Outreach Programme has been in operation for several years now. It started when Pang told Tim about his homeland of Scotland, and how some people there go their entire lives without ever seeing so much as a ray of sunshine. They both knew something had to be done. So, each season, they pick one lucky, plucky and often kind of funky, Scottish whippersnapper to come taste the good life. Notable graduates include John “Stouty McStoutface” Stout and Moray “Muddy Rivers” Goodfellow. This year is the year of The Otter. Check out Andy riding the Queenstown Bike Park's Original trail HERE


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