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Vertigo Bikes was born from Tim Ceci’s love of mountain biking.  Guiding MTB trips is the only professional job he’s ever had!   Joined a few years later by Paul ‘Pang’ Pangus, Vertigo has become THE Bike Shop in Queenstown.

Still rider owned and operated, we are a one-stop shop for all your biking needs; be it guiding, coaching, bike sales, workshop or transport, we’ve got it all covered.  

We pride ourselves on being a small, yet perfectly formed company, which has an unparalleled enthusiasm for all things biking in Queenstown.  We have an amazing group of individuals working for us who offer really great service and an unbeatable product.  

When you ride with our crew you’ll learn new skills & experience the thrills of Queenstown’s incredible terrain.  Meet our crew below, then join us for a ride & make the most of it!

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Carl Jones


After 19 years of operating Vertigo finally decided to take the plunge and employ a thorough bred Kiwi.  Not just any kiwi but Carl “M Fíng”Jones.  One of NZ’s top enduro riders and a member of the Giant NZ Gravity Team.


Ben Hildred


Andy Donnachie


Vertigo’s Highland Outreach Programme has been in operation for several years now. It started when Pang told Tim about his homeland of Scotland, and how some people there go their entire lives without ever seeing so much as a ray of sunshine. They both knew something had to be done. So, each season, they pick one lucky, plucky and often kind of funky, Scottish whippersnapper to come taste the good life. Notable graduates include John “Stouty McStoutface” Stout and Moray “Muddy Rivers” Goodfellow. This year is the year of The Otter.

Henry Quinney


“Mr Million”

If you can forgive the occasional budgy smuggling, he’s not so bad. He Has been known to be partial to some pedaling… not that he would ever mention it. Big days on big bikes is something of a motto he lives by. If he’s not prancing around in lycra that clearly doesn’t fit, he’ll be taping things onto his bike or buying over priced socks.





Some say he’s more machine than man, others say he that was sent back in time to destroy the huck wizard, some say he was then sent back in time again and in fact IS the Huck Wizard… There’s even a rumour that he just really likes Arnie. Finding out where the legend ends and the truth starts is impossible. Now get to the chopper!


However, if you’re lucky, you can meet the man himself and pick his brains on how to huck or maybe just where to get a good yoga lesson.

Tim Ceci



Smart lines, impeccable technique and endo turns for days. It’s crying shame his undeniable class on the bike doesn’t translate to style off of it…

Guiding and instructing all over the world since before it was cool, Tim started Vertigo many moons ago and has since settled in Queenstown full time. If he’s not spending all his hard earned cash on artisanal smoothies, he’ll be riding ridiculous tech trails or teaching his son “Ted the Shred” how things are done in the Ceci household.

Jamie Fenning


In the midst of a Queenstown winter, Henry and James found somebody they would come to name “Jamie”. He was wandering the streets, confused and lost. He kept muttering about something called “snowboarding”, with “curtain rails” and some kind of “powder” that they presumed to be a dreadful narcotic… They knew what they had to do and decided to raise him as one of Vertigo’s own. After initial confusion about sitting sideways on a bike and wearing oversized gear; a true ripper was born. They eventually taught him to read, write and even use cutlery. The only known case of a winter wildling being domesticated.


We love to Huck it!

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